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Who is WhiteHat Security?

A leading provider of information security products, WhiteHat Sentinel is a SaaS platform that enables businesses to quickly deploy a scalable web application security program across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Their customers represent the “who’s who” of banks and financial services, retail and e-commerce, healthcare, software and technology, state and local government, and education.


In order to build upon their success and further establish themselves as a leader in the information security space, WhiteHat aimed to add quality, net new logos to their Rolodex.

With an established internal team focused on their own accounts, they needed a partner to come in and support sales development efforts in specific areas and markets. This team had to be flexible and scalable, all while delivering high-quality leads. Additionally, they requested:

1) The partner helps refine and develop pipeline within WhiteHat’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) – book meetings for demo-ready prospects while simultaneously providing actionable intelligence for their marketing team.

2) The partner aligns its processes and data management to WhiteHat’s CRM and maintains a level of transparency while executing its outbound call cadence.


WhiteHat selected dD’s Strategic Outbound service to plan and execute the above objectives, and ultimately generate pipeline revenue and net new logos.

Project Scope:

• dD Certified Sales Development Rep (SDR) to execute prospecting efforts and self-source contacts within WhiteHat’s ICP (along with a full suppression of their internal database).

• A comprehensive management layer to plan, analyze, and compile reports on the program’s progress and consult on future campaigns.

Proprietary dD Sales Development Process that identifies key target accounts (matched to an ICP) and effectively adds contacts, generates pipeline, and passes qualified sales-ready opportunities to the WhiteHat team.

WhiteHat kicked off a pilot program consisting of ICP development, messaging optimization, account mapping & contact addition, and lead generation/qualification. After the success of their initial roll-out, WhiteHat made the decision to add an extra headcount to support their efforts and has been able to scale the program up or down depending on need.

Program Results



On average, 80% of all demandDrive leads converted into opportunities for the WhiteHat sales team. Actionable results that the sales team appreciated.

prospect intelligence services


demandDrive captured additional account intelligence for 75% of WhiteHat’s target accounts. Additionally, WhiteHat attributed 70% of their passed leads to demandDrive sourced contacts.

pipeline value


Pipeline value of demandDrive generated leads was valued at roughly $2 Million. Predictable Revenue. Sustainable Growth.

demandDrive should be the top of choice for any tech company looking for an outsourced Lead Generation service
alex cartagena whitehat security

Alex Cartagena

VP of Sales

WhiteHat remained a demandDrive customer for over four years since their initial extension and notes their trust in demandDrive’s ability as a “plug and play” sales development partner.

Depending on need, the team was able to shift their total number of reps as well as their focus – whether it be territory, market segment, or vertical.

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