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Who is Akoonu?

Akoonu’s cloud-based content marketing platform provides a single repository to develop, integrate, document, and maintain robust buyer personas and journey maps. Our technology-enabled approach transforms buyer personas and journey maps into actionable insights that everyone across Sales and Marketing can access, share, and collaborate on in real-time.

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To prepare for a full product launch, Akoonu required research & intelligence in three areas: pricing, messaging, and metrics. Answering these questions will help Akoonu establish a sales funnel and start generating revenue.

Pricing: Because Akoonu sells a solution that is not yet on market or provided by a competitor, how should Akoonu approach pricing structure & strategy?

Messaging: What exact titles should Akoonu prospect, how accurate are their personas, and what messaging resonates best?

Baseline Metrics: As Akoonu’s sales funnel develops, what should their sales & conversion metrics look like?


Akoonu selected our Data & Demand Generation offering (formerly dD Intelligence) to develop & execute market surveys that focused on pricing, messaging, and baseline sales metrics over a one month period. Specifically, Akoonu selected demandDrive’s service for three reasons:

demandDrive process: dD Intelligence utilizes a modified version of demandDrive’s metrics-driven, proprietary sales development process that customizes the call plan for intelligence acquisition.

Primary research: Similar to the dD Outbound program, dD Intelligence provides clients with dedicated resources. This model facilitates consistent execution and results driven by trained & dD Certified resources.

Week ramp up: Due to demandDrive’s existing trained SDR / market analyst resources, data infrastructure, and process design, Akoonu’s project was fully ramped and generating results within one week.



A look at out this Data Program’s Deliverables

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Feedback: demandDrive acquired feedback from 25 qualified prospects, each from Ideal Customer Profile accounts.

Pricing: Akoonu was able to use the results to refine & firm up their pricing structures.

Messaging: demandDrive validated personas & provided feedback on which messaging resonated most effectively with prospects.

Baseline Metrics: By executing a customized call plan, demandDrive was able to establish Quality Connect & Inside Sales Qualified Lead rates, helping Akoonu form baseline sales funnel metrics.

Identify / Confirm Relevant Titles: Through a proprietary Account Mapping process, dD identified influencer & decision-maker titles specific to Akoonu.

Meetings: Although qualifying leads & scheduling meetings was not an objective of the project, a natural byproduct of the program was 6 scheduled meetings for Akoonu.

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