Cleanse & Append

Clean Existing Data, Append Target Accounts

Most companies don’t consider that they’re sitting on top of an untapped gold mine of information. Your CRM, however messy it might be, is full of useful information for your sales team. The difficult part is sifting through it all to find those nuggets of information and packaging it into something usable.

Enter: Cleanse & Append.

Skip the pricey purchase of a new list and let demandDrive comb through your data to find top-tier target accounts (based on pre-set expectations). Step one is cleaning those accounts and contacts to make sure your team can reach out hassle-free. Our proprietary data tools allow us to verify email addresses and append LinkedIn information, giving your reps the data they need to have meaningful conversations.

A by-product of cleaning your database will also uncover former customers who have moved to new companies – change agents, as we call them. These contacts will be appended to your database during the process, giving your reps a new target account at no effort on their end.

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