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A Recipe for Outsourced Sales Success

Are you getting the most you can out of your outsourced sales vendor?

Hiring an outsourced sales development vendor is a great way to jumpstart your prospecting efforts and get your AE’s in front of potential buyers. However, it’s not as easy as: “hire team, get results.” There’s a direct correlation between the caliber of work you put in and the success of the partnership overall.

Trisha Fields, Director of Marketing at Zenoss, talks about her experience using outsourced teams and how to ensure a successful relationship from the beginning.


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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Sales Development

Are You Doing Everything You Can to Build Out a Successful Sales Development Program?

Let’s face it - building out a sales development function is tough work. From hiring the right SDRs and Managers to developing an ICP and outreach strategy to paying for tools and resources, it adds up quickly. Not to mention that so much of your success hinges on the performance of your SDR team. Getting it right the first time is paramount. Get it wrong and things can get messy…

Are you asking the right questions when building out a team? What kind of metrics should you track? How many SDRs should you hire? How much should it cost? These are just a few topics we’ll address in our on-demand webinar!

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A well-fleshed out intent data program can drive more revenue and higher qualified leads and accounts than any other channel, but it isn't always that simple. How is B2B intent data being used today? What are the challenges to using it? How do we get around them? Join us as we discuss these topics with Becky Mendenhall, Senior Manager of Demand Generation at Cumulus Networks.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Address the hype around intent data

  • Discuss the roadblocks keeping intent data from being used successfully

  • Discover the best ways to take advantage of intent data

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Webinar : Top 5 Sales Development Trends in 2018

Sales Development is an ever changing field. What worked a few years ago could now be considered archaic, and what works now might soon be thought of as a thing of the past. Keeping up with these trends is especially necessary with a function as important as sales development.

In this webinar, our President and Co-Founder, Lindsay Frey, will:

  • Review the top 5 trends we've seen in sales development for 2018

  • Discuss the trends' impact on the industry and how you can benefit from/improve your own processes

  • Theorize about the future of these trends and what we can expect to see down the line

How to Pilot Account-Based Funnel Management at Your Company

Account-based marketing (ABM) + account-based sales development (ABSD) = account-based funnel management (ABFM).

Join Lindsay Frey, President, demandDrive, and Lora Kratchounova, Principal, Scratch Marketing + Media, for this discussion of what sales and marketing organizations must do to join forces and launch a true account-based approach that will maximize penetration of the accounts that matter most to their business.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Walk you through the best practices in creating an ABFM pilot and what pre-conceived notions you should throw out;

  • Showcase the importance of sales and marketing alignment in the new ABFM world;

  • Share key findings from our industry report and survey of over 100 marketing and sales professionals.

Account-Based Marketing - Outbound Blueprint

Account Based Outbound is the definitive account-based sales development model. Enterprise vendors need to gain traction inside key accounts and forge relationships with influencers & decision makers.

In this on-demand webinar, demandDrive will:

• Provide a blueprint for a successful Account Based Outbound lead gen strategy.
• Include methodology from Strategy to MQL to SQL.
• Most sales teams will try to merge traditional Account Based Marketing tactics with classic cold calling strategies. And that simply does not work – we’ll show you why.

How to Build Market Reputation and Drive Sales

We’ve heard it time and again – buyers are now in the driver’s seat of the sales process. They have the power to choose when to engage with vendors – typically 50-60% into the sales funnel. We also know that B2B buyers start their journey online – using search, video, social channels and forums to educate themselves on how to change and adapt to a dynamic marketplace. So in order to engage this empowered buyer, B2B tech companies need a new approach to marketing and sales – the Digital Authority approach.

In this webinar, Lora Kratchounova (principal, Scratch Marketing + Media), an integrated B2B technology marketing firm, and Lindsay Frey (co-founder, dD), will introduce the new Digital Authority framework and will walk webinar attendees through:

• The new buyers’ funnel – Digital Authority and Sales Realms explained
• The roadmap for measuring and improving Digital Authority and Sales
• Practical examples of Digital Authority gap analysis
• Actionable ways to integrating Digital Authority and Sales for maximum growth impact – today and tomorrow

5 Sales Funnel Metrics you Aren't Tracking Today...But Need to Be!

Tech B2B sales and marketing teams measure various KPIs that affect their lead generation strategy and influence production. Are you tracking and optimizing all of the important sales funnel metrics that help drive revenue?

In this on-demand webinar, demandDrive will:

•Identify 5 critical sales funnel metrics that are often overlooked but play a large role in both lead generation and overall sales success.

•Discuss why these metrics are important yet undervalued.

•Show you how to track and capitalize on these sales funnel metrics in order to improve lead generation results and sales development success.

5 Reasons Closing Reps Stink at Sales Development

Sales reps who close business have no business cold calling

Sales development is a fundamental piece of developing a successful B2B sales strategy. Outbound prospecting, cold calling, MQL follow-ups, etc are each well-documented versions of sales development, yet they are also often mishandled. In fact, one of the most frequently bungled components of sales development is the resource allocation. Many tech companies, especially growth stage organizations, will have closing sales reps (Enterprise Reps, Outside Reps, AEs, etc) be responsible for their own sales development results.

This webinar will discuss:

• Why closing reps stink at sales development
• Why that structure is holding your sales numbers down
• How to generate more Sales Qualified Leads (and more revenue!)

4 Onboarding Tactics of Highly Successful SDR Team

Building, growing, & managing a team of sales development Reps (SDRs) is a tough task. One of the best ways to ensure immediate (and long-term) success is to optimize your onboarding process.

In this 30-minute webinar, Daniel Paul (Managing Director, demandDrive) will discuss four onboarding tactics used by the most successful SDR teams in the tech industry that will help:

• Minimize ramp time by 60%
• Improve Sales Qualified Lead results
• Increase SDR retention