Sales Development Program

demandDrive was founded on the principles of delivering high quality sales development services to our clients. Our proven processes have been valuable to organizations big and small looking to build and manage a team of highly trained sales development reps. From recruiting, training and executing an in-depth call plan, we deliver the results you need.

demandDrive completely understands the pains of marketing, developing leads, selling into large complex companies and long sales cycles.
— Business Development Manager
It’s the personalized effort and pro-activeness that we’ve seen from demandDrive that has driven success. We’ve worked with other lead generation vendors in the past but never got this type of dedicated attention and extra effort or going above and beyond to make sure that all leads are fully qualified.
— Manager, Marketing & Prospect Communication

Our Flagship Product: dD Outbound

Our bread and butter, dD Outbound is demandDrive’s core service. Recruiting, training and developing SDRs is in our blood. Through our proprietary sales development process we’re able to generate predictable revenue and sustainable growth for our clients.

Because our clients generally require a higher level of lead qualification than most “appointment setting” outsourced firms can provide, dD project teams work closely with client’s sales and marketing teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of their solutions, competitive landscape, and marketing strategies.

Check out our work with Jenzabar as an example:

A leading provider of higher education software, Jenzabar was looking for a partner to accelerate their growth and generate qualified leads for the sales team. That, and capturing market intelligence for their target accounts to better understand how to position themselves were key initiatives they needed help with.

Sales executives briefly teleprospected, but this model proved to be inefficient and costly. Jenzabar needed a partner to generate those qualified leads, account map through their inbound channels, and capture that critical market intelligence for the sales team to action. Naturally, they turned towards a Sales Development function to accomplish those goals.

Notable Results

ROI - jenzabar.png


Projected Program ROI

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ROI of dD Generated Leads

intel capture - jenzabar.png


Un-Mapped Accounts w/ Added Intel

The first three months of our partnership with demandDrive have been exceptional, and we could not be more excited to see the results of dD Outbound for the next 9+ months!”
— Josh Penino, Sales Manager @ Jenzabar

demandDrive was able to help Jenzabar accomplish its goals in the sales development space and went above and beyond to help make the partnership a success. Jenzebar elected to extend its partnership with demandDrive and views demandDrive as an integral part of their overall demand generation strategy.

As a lead generation partner as well as an extension of our lead qualification team, demandDrive is able to ramp quickly on any new campaign and scale up and down according to our needs. I know I can count on them to find the gold nuggets in any list.
— Director of Demand Generation

Looking for something more niche? Enter: Strategic Outbound.

Our Sales Development programs aren’t out of the box solutions - each one is custom fit to meet our client’s needs and expectations. Why? Well, sometimes a client needs more (or less) than a standard dD Outbound program. Take the work we did with WhiteHat Security, for example.

WhiteHat was already successful, had an in-house team, and was having quality conversations with their account universe. In order to keep up with demand and further establish themselves as a real player in the information security space however, they needed help. That’s where we came in.

With an established internal team focused on their own accounts, they needed an outside vendor to come in and support sales development efforts in specific areas and markets. This team had to be flexible and scalable, all while delivering high-quality leads. Sometimes it was focusing on enterprise accounts, sometimes it was SMB - either way, WhiteHat wanted a partner that could scale up or down depending on need and shift focus quickly and effectively.

Notable Results

“demandDrive should be the top choice for any tech company looking for an outsourced Lead Generation service”
— Alex Cartagena, VP of Corporate Sales @ WhiteHat Security
intelligence - whitehat.png


Target Accounts w/ Additional Intel

conversion - whitehat.png


Conversion Rate of dD Leads

funnel - whitehat.png

$2 Mil

Value of dD Generated Pipeline

WhiteHat notes their trust in demandDrive's ability as a "plug and play" sales development partner. Depending on need the team was able to shift their total number of reps as well as their focus - whether it be territory, market segment or vertical. This helped WhiteHat refine and develop pipeline within their ICP and build sustainable, predictable growth.

demandDrive is a terrific group to work with, and they deliver results! We contracted dD to generate leads for a new product. We worked closely to test lists and scripts. Their reporting was excellent. Most important, dD did a great job. They exceeded our expectations in the number and quality of leads generated.
— Vice President, Product

Looking to start from the ground up? Check out a Full Build.

Some of our clients look to us for support - they already have teams and/or processes in place, but they want an expert hand to guide them through some of the finer details. Other clients have less of a process built out, and they need a partner to help build one for them. Take our work with Casenet as an example.

Already an established player in the healthcare technology space, Casenet was utilizing its strong library of content to drive inbound leads for its sales team. They saw an opportunity to utilize outbound efforts to generate qualified sales leads, but had no process built out internally to get it going.

Casenet needed a team to qualify and nurture inbound leads and generate qualified meetings from outbound efforts. This team had to be persistent and detail-oriented while delivering consistent net-new leads. Casenet needed the team to build the sales development program from the ground up, including reporting structure, messaging, and ICP.

Notable Results

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New Forecastable Opps / Month

gaining money - orange.png

$19.8 Mil

Closed Won Revenue from dD Leads

sales funnel - orange.png

$12.8 Mil

dD Open Opportunity Pipeline

“demandDrive has been a true sales partner. They deliver results and are an integral component of our sales organization.”
— Bonnie Lucia, Vice President, Marketing @ Casenet

Casenet cites their relationship with demandDrive as one of the key reasons for their continued success. Specifically, it’s dD’s ability to build out and scale a full sales development program from the ground up while hitting lead and revenue goals on a consistent basis that impresses the most.