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A Recipe for Outsourced Sales Success

- An On-Demand Webinar from demandDrive and Zenoss -

Are you getting the most you can out of your outsourced sales development vendor?

Hiring an outsourced sales development vendor is a great way to jumpstart your prospecting efforts and get your AE’s in front of potential buyers. However, it’s not as easy as: “hire team, get results.” There’s a direct correlation between the caliber of work you put in and the success of the partnership overall.

Trisha Fields, Director of Marketing at Zenoss, talks about her experience using outsourced teams and how to ensure a successful relationship from the beginning.

In this webinar, you’ll learn...

  • Effective methods of integrating an outsourced vendor with your current team (and why that matters)

  • Measurement tactics to ensure successful results

  • How to leverage your vendor for more than just activity

  • Examples of successful vendor application and its results on pipeline

Who: You! Plus Trisha Fields - Director of Marketing at Zenoss - and Lindsay Frey - President + Co-Founder at demandDrive.

What: An on-demand webinar on why a hybrid model works and how to ensure success within your own company.

When: It’s on-demand! Watch it anytime, anywhere.

Where: The registration link is up above!

Why: Because hiring an agency to help you build a team is easy, but ensuring success is hard.