Episode 11: Do You Need a Business Degree to be a Successful Salesperson?

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You're listening to Unsubscribe! This week we sit down with one of demandDrive's co-founders, Dan Paul, and talk degrees. Is there a degree that better suits you for a life in sales? Do you need an MBA to prove your worth? Or is learning on the job a better alternative? All that, and more, in the latest episode of Unsubscribe! 

Highlight: AJ, Alex and Dan lay out a simple 3 step process on how to make a billion dollars in the SDR role! *totally not click-bait*

"We see a lot of people come through that don't necessarily know what their career path - like they don't really have it designed. And that's fine." 

"There's not a degree that would prevent you from pursuing a career in sales."