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demandDrive is the industry leader in building sustainable and predictable revenue development functions. At our core, we build programs that help our clients positively impact the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel.

leading revenue development agency

Our Mission

Driving revenue growth for our clients by providing them with an integrated team that has the knowledge, resources, and expertise to build sustainable, high-performing sales functions.

Our Vision

To be the industry-leading revenue development firm through investment in and growth of our individual employees.

Your Partner for All Things Revenue Development

We take a consultative approach to revenue development that combines the flexibility of outsourcing with the expertise and continued employee development of having an internal team. Whether you need support at the top, middle, or bottom of the funnel we have a program designed for what you need.

As a revenue development services firm, our individual employees are the backbone of what we do. That’s why continued education and development is so important to us. Everyone from the newest SDR to the longest tenured Client Success Director is regularly provided with resources and training opportunities to maintain or build on the skills and experience they already have.

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Our Core Values

demandDrive fosters a community focused on communication and accountability to achieve individual and organizational growth.


Strength in Numbers

A strong community allows us to support, connect, and engage authentically with each other.

As we continue to grow in a hybrid environment, establishing and maintaining community engagement is one of our main priorities.

Nobody succeeds by themselves.


More Talk = Less Work

Communication allows us to create and sustain a transparent, efficient, and collaborative workplace.

Being able to talk openly and honestly, both internally and with our clients, is the best way to ensure we stay on the same page and are working towards the right goals.

You can’t develop a solution without fully understanding the problem.


Doing What Needs to be Done

Accountability allows us to maintain trust, set boundaries, and support autonomy in our work.

Understanding the responsibilities of each individual team member allows us to better focus on our own work.

We all have our part to play.


Up, Up, and Away

All of our other values enable the individual growth of our employees, and in turn the organization as a whole.

Empowering our SDRs to challenge themselves in various ways allows them to grow. As they level up their skills, both our clients and our internal teams will reap the benefits.

Success is an uphill climb.

Meet Our Amazing Team

From top to bottom, our team is full of individuals who are passionate about driving success for both their team and their clients.

lindsay frey

Lindsay Frey

President, Co-Founder

dan paul

Dan Paul

Managing Director, Co-Founder

sarah fotos

Sarah Fotos

VP of Client Success

tad bustin

Tad Bustin

Sr. Director of Client Success

hailee lange

Hailee Lange

Sr. Director of Client Success

tyler schock

Tyler Schock

Sr. Director of Client Success

andrea jiraud

Andrea Jiraud

Director of Client Success

eli smith

Eli Smith

Director of Client Success

julia williams

Julia Williams

Director of Client Success

michelle buckley

Michelle Buckley

Client Success Manager

barry digirolamo

Barry DiGirolamo

Client Success Manager

stephanie kocourek

Stephanie Kocourek

Client Success Manager

jon vivace

Jon Vivace

Client Success Manager

aj alonzo

AJ Alonzo

Director of Marketing

alex ellison

Alex Ellison

Marketing Manager

greg cammarata

Greg Cammarata

Account Executive

sean harrison

Sean Harrison

Director of Recruiting

chelsea leahy

Chelsea Leahy

Director of Training and Internal Operations

kara lace

Kara Lace

Human Resources Generalist

mike aragon

Mike Aragon

Talent Acquisition Specialist

darren zawada

Darren Zawada

Office Operations Manager

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