‘Twas the Week Before Christmas: A Lead from St. Nicholas

December 18, 2018

We’ve got audio! Dramatic reading below…

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the floor,

Not a single call answered, But you have to make more;

So you write one more email, and send it with care,

But will anyone answer? Is there anyone there?

You sit back dejected, bad thoughts in your head,

Then you take one more look, and it says ‘marked as read’;

You sit there in silence, wait for the reply,

But it just isn’t coming, and you don’t know why;

So you make one last effort. You pick up your phone,

You dial their number, and wait for the tone.

But that’s when you hear it! A voice that says “hi!”,

He sounds somewhat cheery, though you don’t know why;

“Hey Nick! This is Alex, how has your day been?”

He tells you it’s jolly, and that makes you grin;

You pitch him the product, he shares all his pains,

You see there’s a need, and you tell him the same;

He agrees to a meeting, thanks you for your time,

He says that he’s happy he picked up the line;

The work that you put in paid off, you were right,

Happy dialing to all, and to all a good night!

alex ellison

Alex Ellison is the Marketing Communications Manager at demandDrive. He started his career as an SDR before discovering a passion for creating content and resources that drew him towards marketing. In his current role he primarily works behind the scenes drafting, editing, and developing a wide variety of marketing materials and educational resources. He is also currently enrolled at the University of Washington pursuing a Masters in Communication Leadership with a focus on Digital Media.
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