How Lead Generation Could Help You Win the Game of Thrones

May 6, 2019

If you’re like one of the millions of people that will tune in to Game of Thrones every Sunday, you know that winning isn’t easy and death comes quickly. It might be a stretch to say this is the case in the demand generation world, but there are a few strong parallels that can help you improve your lead generation results.

Being cunning is better than being powerful

Take a look at some of the successful characters we enjoy watching each week: Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow. All of them rife with power, but it’s something they choose not to use. Tyrion could have used his bloodline to command more respect (for the first few seasons at least), but instead uses his intellect to navigate precarious situations. Daenerys has fully grown dragons and could march on Westeros to claim her throne, but instead she spent time trying to modernize an entire culture across the sea. Jon Snow has superior combat skills to most in the Night’s Watch but instead uses his savvy as a commander to fend off (and then befriend) the Wildlings instead of personal gain. Abusing your power in Westeros isn’t conducive to long-term success, and the same goes for lead generation. It take savvy research, well designed processes, and some catchy subject lines to get what you want.

Here at demandDrive, we have a training program that teaches new SDR’s how to develop compelling messaging that utilizes & optimizes prospect personas. Just because you have a best of breed solution doesn’t mean you can bully a prospect into watching a demo — you need to make sure that your message resonates with their specific pains and needs. Similarly, you need to convey your message in an effective manner, you can’t just blast through your value propositions at your own pace. It takes time and the right mix of conversational skills to account map, find the best person to talk with, and get them on the phone. You might be the one holding the product they want and/or need, but if you come across as someone abusing that power they won’t give you the time of day. People buy from people they like.

A lot of people are vying for the same spot — stand out from the crowd

Throughout Game of Thrones, there are multiple people fighting to sit on the one Iron Throne. They all believe they have a right to be there — which makes it hard for you to believe any of them really do belong there. The lead generation world is similar: you’re definitely not the only SDR calling into your prospect on a given day. They hear elevator pitch after elevator pitch on a daily basis, so it’s hard for them to keep them all straight. You need to position yourself away from the rest of the field to get you and your client noticed. Just like each of the characters have their own reason as to why they should sit on the throne, you too need to have a reason as to why your time is more valuable than someone else’s. This stems from the messaging you use, the way you conduct yourself in front of the prospect and mixing in the right amount of give and take.

Success leads to more success

If you look at the people with power in Westeros, one common thread is prior success. Gaining power is tough, but once you have it it’s harder to lose it (gruesome death aside). Success builds upon itself and soon you’re powerful just for the sake of being powerful, and not what you once did. The same can be said for lead generation. Momentum is huge within this industry, so when you find something that works, stick with it. While it’s true that there are more ebbs and flows within the lead generation space, its a fairly consistent theme that success builds upon itself. If you get someone on the phone and nab a quality connect, don’t stop! Chances are that you’ll do even better the next time you get someone live on the phone. That strategy you just used to gain competitive intelligence? Use it again.

It takes a lot of work — but once you see some kind of traction in your work you need to build on it. Whether you’re trying to earn a seat on the Iron Throne or generating SQL’s for your client, remember that power builds upon itself and your past experiences help shape your future.

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aj alonzo

AJ Alonzo is the Head of Marketing at demandDrive. A former SDR turned marketing leader, he's made it his goal to develop resources for sales reps who are looking to level up and for managers who are looking for guidance. Outside of work you can find him trying to shoot under par at his local disc golf course, sipping on a bourbon on the rocks, or continuing his quest to be the very best like no one ever was.
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