3 ways to Maximize your Webinar Investment

November 28, 2018

Do you host live or online events to attract new leads? If so, are you doing the right things to bring in the most leads possible? And are you managing those leads before and after the event to have the best chance to convert them? You spend too much time and money putting on a great event to lose your audience with a weak invitation.

Teleprospecting is a proven way to maximize your webinar investment and bring in a large number of attendees for your webinar or event. These are some of the practices we’ve found successful when optimizing a marketing campaign.

Create a Structured Plan

With all lead management, it is important to have a clear plan for managing your leads. Instead of sending them an email invitation and hoping for the best, set up guidelines to communicate with them every week leading up to the event. This can be in the form of phone calls, emails, or social media. Teleprospecting will get the lead on the phone to make sure they hear about the event from an actual person.

Generate Qualified Leads

By teleprospecting, you can ensure that your event invitation gets to the right person in an organization through continued follow-up. This also gives you a chance to correct information in your lists for future campaigns.

After reaching the correct person in an organization, a teleprospecting team will also be able to engage with prospects, discussing their specific problems and conveying how your solution can help them. In this case, the webinar is used by the teleprospecting team as a tool to begin a relationship with a prospect and to uncover qualified opportunities pre-webinar.

Register the Lead Over the Phone

Many times prospects will express some interest in your webinar and suggest that your teleprospecting team send them an email so that they can register. While this is an okay response, you’ll be much more successful if you register them over the phone during that conversation. If you wait and send them an email with a link, it could get lost in their inbox. The urgency will be gone and they’ll forget about it.

Moral of the story — Sign them up while you’ve got them on the phone. Registering them over the phone removes a step they need to take and is a more proactive way to move them through your sales cycle.

Events and webinars are excellent lead generation strategies when handled correctly. Teleprospecting has worked for many of our clients to maximize their investment in this area and get them some pretty great leads. If you use these tips help you to promote your next webinar, you’ll see a much higher success rate when following up and attempting to convert the leads into opportunities.

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