Trick or Treat: What are your Inbound Leads?

Remember the exciting home stretch of each childhood Halloween, when you only had a few more houses to hit before you found yourself at home tallying your sugary haul? While you were able to eyeball a few early results during the expedition, the large majority of your take would be a surprise that you had to sort through.

Unfortunately, the process to identify the best candy was often inefficient and ineffective. I would often become sloppy in my process, let good candy fall into the wrong pile, overlook a hidden gem, and even waste time trying to find a specific flavor that just wasn’t there. Unknowingly, I could have maximized my gains if I had a younger sibling at my disposal who could have efficiently “qualified” my candy while I focused on those of most importance and immediate gratification.

Fast forward a decade or two, and I see many sales teams suffering from the same problem. In many cases, quota-carrying sales reps are qualifying inbound leads directly from lists and marketing automation feeds. Time constraints, conflicting incentive structures, undisciplined processes, and irreplaceable phone activity leave far too many opportunities undiscovered and unconverted. Check out the data in this infographic:

Trick or Treat Infographic.png

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Originally published October 29th, 2014

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