Call or Email?

We rounded up survey results, advice from experts, and a previous event to conclude that what we value in an SDR candidate needs to change.

18 Sales and Marketing Pros Weigh in on a Seemingly Simple Question.

From a simple question to a collection of sales and marketing insight, this eBook is full of practical advice on how you should be starting your sales cadences. You’ll learn:

🧪 There’s no ‘right’ answer – you have to test everything

📈 Some general prospecting tips to help focus your efforts and align goals

🧬 What some experts believe the future will hold – and how that impacts their answers

Who is This For?

SDRs & Account Executives

Get inspired to shake up your own processes and try out some new cadence openers, messaging, and channels.

SDR & Sales Managers

Curious to see what your peers and other leaders are saying? Use their insight to help inform and prepare your team.

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