Using Intent Data the Right Way

Becky Mendenhall (2).jpg

Rebecca Mendenhall

Senior Manager of Demand Generation - Cumulus Networks

In this webinar, we will:

  • Address the hype around intent data

  • Discuss the roadblocks keeping intent data from being used successfully

  • Discover the best ways to take advantage of intent data

Thursday, September 20th @ 2pm EDT

There are a myriad of data sources out there - from predictive to content syndication to inbound hand-raisers, there seems to be an endless source of leads and data (of varying quality) to pass to your sales team. But one source is beginning to emerge as a possible game changer: Intent Data.

A well fleshed out intent data program can drive more revenue and higher qualified leads and accounts than any other lead channel, but it isn't always that simple. How is B2B intent data being used today? What are the challenges to using it? How do we get around them? Join us as we discuss these topics with Becky Mendenhall, Senior Manager of Demand Generation at Cumulus Networks.

A recorded version of the webinar will be sent out after the event - just in case you can’t make it to the live show!