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Uncover highly valuable lead-level insights for your sales team through our Prospect Intelligence Program

Finding lead-level information isn’t hard. But finding accurate lead-level information seems to become more difficult every day.

At some point in the last decade or so, we’ve gone from not having enough data to having more than we can handle. With it comes challenges like unmanageable B2B prospecting lists, unused information, and wasted resources.

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Enter: Prospect Intelligence

Data Fuel’s Prospect Intelligence Program puts custom & unique insights into the hands of your sales and marketing teams. You can trust the accuracy of our lead prospecting services because we go straight to the source to find it. Our B2B market research is conducted live, on the phone with the prospect, so we know their responses are as up to date and accurate as humanly possible. 

Instead of just checking a box, the prospect can give a detailed answer. Instead of interacting with a screen, they’re interacting with a real person on the other end of the line. Try as technology might, there’s still no true substitute for live conversations (yet), and we use that advantage to prompt the most insightful responses possible.

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Personalized Outreach

Nobody knows your lead qualifications better than you. During the campaign setup process, we combine your knowledge with our B2B market research expertise to create questions that provide the answers you want at a volume we know you’ll be happy with.

Find the Right Accounts

When you engage in a Prospect Intelligence program, we’ll work with you to develop a list of accounts that you’d like to target based on your own criteria. From there we use a combination of intent data, firmographic research, and our DataFuel Prioritization Engine © ️ to make sure we’re giving you leads that your sales team will actually be excited about.

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Prospect Satisfaction Score

One of the biggest challenges in demand generation is knowing whether or not a prospect is satisfied with their current solution. During our research each prospect can be asked a handful of questions designed to gauge their level of satisfaction with the tools they currently have in place. We use that to inform DataFuel’s Prospect Satisfaction Score. 

Our Prospect Satisfaction Score combines the anecdotal lead prospecting feedback gathered by our researchers with a proprietary algorithm that scores the leads in a way that will allow you to prioritize and appropriately route them into your sales funnel.

Live Phone Research

Our live surveys don’t get blasted out to a bunch of prospects on a list. We reach out over the phone, one at a time, to procure individual, insightful survey responses with our Prospect Intelligence offering. Often, the respondents will provide more information than what we’re asking for, all of which we can include when we hand you the leads.

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