Account-Based Intelligence

Get the Full Picture Before Reaching Out

Receiving a list of target accounts is great, but too many salespeople recklessly call through them.

These are hand-selected accounts that you need to put time and effort into researching.

But what if you simply don’t have the time?

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Enter: Account-Based Intelligence

Running an Account Based Intelligence (ABI) program to gain pertinent information before reaching out solves this challenge. ABI programs give your team members an actionable representation of the info they need to effectively reach these accounts. We provide deep dive account-level reports and use our experience as B2B data providers to ensure your team is armed with the right knowledge to close more sales.

Our Account-Based approach allows us to discover information on target accounts across a number of important areas. Understanding things like who the right people to talk with are, what the current environment looks like, how much budget is available, and where the most value can be found are key components to getting a deal done. 

Gathering this B2B marketing intelligence is easier said than done, but the rewards are lucrative.

You’ll be able to arm your sales team with all the knowledge they need to close high-value  deals, like:

  • Executive account summaries with suggested messaging
  • Business and tech challenges categorized by persona
  • Key initiatives that your target accounts are focusing on (and how to create a case around it)
  • Key thought leader personas, bios, and quotes with contact information
  • Industry engagement recommendations. And more!

As a leading B2B data provider, we ensure with 90+% accuracy that your reps will know who to talk with, what to talk about, and how to deliver the most value.

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Org Charts

Detailed org charts and company hierarchies help your reps map out end-users, champions, and decision-makers to better understand who they should be communicating with in each account.

Survey Results

Our reports capture conversation notes, key anecdotal information, and survey responses from key buyer personas and ICP in addition to the hard data we uncover.

This, coupled with trigger events, gives your reps a compelling outreach opportunity every time.

survey results
historical data

Historical Data & Intelligence

Look back at the tech stack history of your target accounts and better understand their buying patterns to capitalize on what they care about most - and when.

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