Discover Leads That Want to Talk to Your SDR Team Right Now

Turn your opted-in prospects into immediate meetings for your SDRs

We understand that content syndication and list building is only the very top of the sales funnel. To make the most of these early stage leads you need to connect with prospects directly.

But what do you do if you don’t have the resources to set up those conversations?

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Enter: Appointment Setting

Marketing always wants more prospects. SDRs always want more conversations. With our B2B Appointment Setting programs, we can solve both of those problems at once. Since we’re the ones providing the list, we’re able to take what we’ve already discovered and move it further down the funnel before handing it over to your SDR team in the form of a scheduled meeting.

Our Appointment Setting services are available as both a standalone program or as an add-on to any of our other data & demand generation programs. Even if you’d rather source the list yourself, our expertise and experience in sales development and scheduling qualified meetings will allow your sales team to focus on the best immediate opportunities we can find.

Note: If you’re interested in exploring what demandDrive can do to build out a robust sales development function at your organization, full qualification included, you can check that out here.

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Further Down the Funnel

We set them up, you knock them down

Turning a prospect from a meeting into a near-term opportunity with B2B appointment setting services has never been easier.

Our goal is to give you leads that are actually interested in talking so that you can action them in the near or immediate future. Real people are picking up the phone and calling your prospects, asking a couple of predetermined questions, and setting them up for a meeting with your sales team.

Live Phone Conversations

We listen to what your prospects have to say

Our Appointment Setting team is trained to have conversations that lead directly to a meeting. Once we have an approved talk track from you, we can pick up the phone and start creating meetings for your sales team.

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Appointment Setting Service

Add-On or Standalone

Customize your program to include exactly what you need

Our B2B Appointment Setting service for SDRs can be valuable on its own, but pairing it with any of our other data & demand gen programs is how we really shift into high gear.

By adding Appointment Setting to any of our other programs it allows us to integrate our teams so that they can work together for you, while taking the more tedious “middleman” tasks off your plate.

Let’s talk about your path to success by analyzing your current strategies against our industry benchmarks.

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