The Joys of Holiday Prospecting

By Brett Hovanec

Originally published December 21st, 2015

The most wonderful time of the year…can also be the slowest time of the year. Especially for those of us that are prospecting! For anyone who can contain their excitement, especially when it comes to the first snowflake of the season, it’s a great time to reconnect with those prospects that have been lost in translation over the last few months. This time of year finds people to be less busy and in better spirits, which is a perfect time to reach out to those less responsive contacts and shatter that awkward first call by asking about their holiday plans. Could there be an easier conversation starter?!

The greatest thing about holiday prospecting is that people are much more likely to open their email and answer the phone, which is possibly the greatest gift to give to an SDR! Maybe they’re just constantly on the lookout for their Amazon delivery confirmation, or maybe they’re the only ones left in the office. Whatever the reason, the spam filters are down and the gatekeepers are off duty — so now’s your chance to connect.

On the downside, it can be disheartening to find so many decision makers and influencers on vacation. I find it particularly depressing when I send out some emails and get a 60% out of office rate! As if the urge to start a snowball fight with the remaining office team isn’t hard enough, now I have potential leads taunting me with their wonderful vacations. One of the great things about demandDrive is the competitive nature we all share. We use call blitz’s and other competitions to keep morale high during these down times. It’s easy to sit back in your chair and quickly add something to your holiday wish list, but the best SDRs are able to maintain focus and bring home some extra cash for the new year!

Don’t let the pre-holiday slump get you down! The struggle is real, but it’s also full of opportunity for those who can push through the temptation to slack.

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