2023 Pipeline Revenue


2023 Closed-Won Revenue

Who is Medrio?

Medrio offers flexible and configurable eClinical solutions to meet the needs of any clinical trial – from traditional to fully decentralized. Their solutions are easy to learn, easy to use, scalable, and connected through one unified platform, providing unmatched efficiency, reliability, clarity, and sophistication.


Cold outbound prospecting isn’t easy – and that’s especially true in the clinical trials space. Medrio sells a complicated product to incredibly sophisticated buyers, and they found it hard to build an SDR function that was able to both engage with their target audience and stay with the company long-term.

They began to search for a partner that could help them both strategically penetrate target accounts and provide a steady stream of high-quality prospecting over an extended period of time. 


Medrio selected demandDrive as their partner of choice for a few reasons. Our prior experience in the healthcare space meant that we were able to effectively communicate with Medrio’s target prospects, and the nature of our service meant that they wouldn’t suffer production gaps if a rep chose to leave the company.

Project Scope:

  • dD Certified Sales Development Reps (SDR) to execute multi-channel outbound prospecting and work closely with internal team members on targeted campaigns.
  • A comprehensive management layer to plan, analyze, and compile reports on the program’s progress as well as provide strategic direction for the SDR team.
  • Proprietary dD Sales Development Process that identifies key target accounts (matched to an ICP) and effectively adds contacts, generates pipeline, and passes qualified sales-ready opportunities to the AE team.

Program Results

pipeline value

$16M in Pipeline Revenue

In 2023 alone, 57% of dD-generated meetings converted to stage 2 opportunities for Medrio, totaling $16M in pipeline revenue.


$3.2M in Closed-Won

15% of those opportunities have turned into closed won deals, totaling $3.2M in revenue.

The demandDrive team IS Medrio, for all intents and purposes. They are a full extension of our internal team.

Mike Lewis


Medrio has seen consistently high production and sustained success with demandDrive. Despite the program involving a complex product and highly technical buyers, the Medrio team is confident in demandDrive’s capabilities to sell a sophisticated offering.

“Our prospects are hard to get a hold of, and when a rep does get in touch with someone they prefer to talk with someone who shows deep product and industry expertise. Having a sophisticated and mature team like demandDrive is critical to our success.”

Mike Lewis, CRO, Medrio

Another major component of Medrio’s success is the involvement of our management layer. The team assigned to the Medrio account is incredibly hands-on and always available for support or consultation. From working with reps on strategy to participating in Medrio’s SKO to compiling trends & insights for internal executives, the demandDrive team fires on all cylinders – top to bottom.

And that makes the program feel a lot more like a partnership than a standard vendor relationship.

The involvement of our management layer and the maturity of our SDR team have been vital components of Medrio’s growth over the past 7 years. Because of that, the Medrio team has transitioned 3 demandDrive SDRs onto their internal team, helping them solve some of the problems they had with finding long-term reps. This hybrid model allows them to continue to grow at a fast pace while minimizing the impact that churn and seasonality have on the business.

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