What is the assessment?

Free, no-commit assessment of your lead generation strategies and Outbound / Inbound marketing practices.  Is your sales funnel fully optimized?

To get your Demand Generation and/or Lead Generation assessment, start by completing the form to the right to learn:

•How effective are your Lead Generation processes?
•Where is your Sales Funnel breaking down?
•How do you compare to tech industry Demand Generation best practices?

We have worked with a wide range of technology companies, from startups to enterprises, all with different sales & marketing processes.  That visibility has allowed us to develop a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that we use during our Demand Generation and Lead Generation Assessments.

For tech companies with existing sales activity, a senior member of our team will typically spend 30 minutes analyzing conversion rates, inbound lead flow, close rates, and other key metrics.  We can determine where breakdowns are occurring in your sales funnel and what strategies you can implement to get your funnel performing at an optimal level.

For tech companies who would like to launch accelerate sale activity, a senior member of the dD team will typically spend 30 minutes discussing your organizational growth objectives, customer acquisition strategies, and market characteristics.

After the assessment, we typically create a custom report will summarize your current metrics and provide suggestions for each stage of the funnel.


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