Degree, or Not Degree, That is the Question

You’re listening to UNSUBSCRIBE! Today we talk with former dD Intern and Bentley Grad, Ryan Boudreau, about his experience in the Bentley Professional Sales Program!

Well, we don’t really talk with Ryan – he’s busy finishing up his degree and wasn’t able to make it into our office. Instead, we asked him a handful of questions to help enlighten us on his view of education in the sales world and what to expect with a specific degree.

In a very college-styled response, he wrote up answers for us, and we’re going to talk about them!

I won’t lie to you, it’s a bit of a weird episode. Not having Ryan in the office made for an odd conversation between myself and Alex. Enlightening and compelling, but odd.

Ok, I warned you. Now, kick back and get ready to get educated!

Key Takeaways

Want to see Ryan’s full answers? Check out this blog post!


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