Interview with Marylou Tyler

You’re listening to UNSUBSCRIBE! Today we have the honor of talking with one of the leading minds in sales education, Marylou Tyler

She’s the founder of Strategic Pipeline, a one-stop solution to systematize your own sales process, so you can count on steady revenue, and grow it whether your sales cycle is long or short.

Marylou is the perfect person to capstone our discussion on education in the sales world and where its value lies.

From her time as a Computer Science major at USCB to her work at Xerox’s Think Tank (with a group of misfits, as she calls it), Marylou’s pathway into sales took a couple of twists and turns (and a magic wand) before she ended up where she is now.

Listen in for some quality training and coaching takeaways, amusing anecdotes, and tangible tactics you can implement with your team today to get them working at their top capacity!

Key Takeaways

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