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Who is Jenzabar?

Jenzabar is a leading provider of software, strategies, and services that are vital to the efficient administration of higher education institutions. For more than four decades, their solutions have given colleges and universities the power to meet all their academic and administrative needs.


In order to build upon its success within the enterprise space, Jenzabar aimed to increase sales efforts by adding resources to generate qualified leads.

Sales executives briefly teleprospected to generate leads, but this model proved to be inefficient and costly. Jenzabar needed a partner to accomplish three objectives:

  1. Generate new sales-qualified leads through Outbound prospecting.

  2. Qualify and account map Inbound leads effectively and efficiently.

  3. Capture critical, actionable market intelligence.


Jenzabar selected dD Outbound to plan, execute, and report on each of the three objectives and, ultimately, generate revenue.

Project Scope:

• dD Certified Sales Development Rep (SDR) to execute outbound prospecting efforts.

• A comprehensive management layer to plan, analyze, and compile reports on the program’s progress and consult on future campaigns.

Proprietary dD Sales Development Process that identifies marketing qualified leads, inside sales qualified leads, and sales qualified leads through both Outbound and Inbound channels.

demandDrive implemented a six-month pilot program consisting of persona optimization, messaging development, and lead generation/qualification.

Program Results



The forecasted ROI of demandDrive generated leads was projected at 1300%. Delivering high-value opps right from the start.



The overall projected program ROI sat at 14:1. Great outlook for the future of the relationship.



demandDrive was able to capture account intelligence for 28% of “unmapped” accounts. Actionable data for both the sales and marketing teams at Jenzabar.

The first three months of our partnership with demandDrive have been exceptional, and we could not be more excited to see the results of dD Outbound for the next 9+ months!
josh peninno

Josh Pennino

Director of Sales, Innovations Division

As a result, Jenzebar elected to extend its partnership with demandDrive and views demandDrive as an integral part of Jenzabar’s overall demand generation strategy.

The demandDrive SDR assigned to this project has also become a heavily relied-upon resource for the entire sales team.

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