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Prospecting into the Martech means dealing with a very crowded market full of sophisticated buyers. Most reps aren’t up for the challenge.

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Why do Martech Companies Choose Us?

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Mapping and Targeting Capabiltiies

Our team is adept at finding and building champions as well as mapping out the key stakeholders and decision makers. We’ve found that within MarTech, getting buy-in from multiple parties and leveraging conversations with stakeholders tends to be more impactful than in other industries.

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A Surround Sound Approach

This is one of the hardest verticals to stand out in - these prospects are sophisticated and are constantly bombarded with prospecting. We combat that by focusing on relevant and personal outreach across a wide variety of channels (phone, email, social media, video, events, etc.).

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Custom Cadence Design

We build out multiple outreach campaigns and cadences to match up with your specific audience. In the case of MarTech, we find that longer cadences that focus on building authority and credibility tend to perform better - but that’s not always the case. We constantly test and iterate to help you break through the noise and capture your prospect’s attention.

Challenges MarTech Companies Face

The challenges Marketing Tech companies usually face

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Download our data sheet to observe the differences between calling into the MarTech industry and our other projects, understand the strategies have proven to be effective for our SDRs, and compare analytical & anecdotal data.


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Sales and Marketing Leaders Love the demandDrive Experience

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“demandDrive should be the top choice for any tech company looking for an outsourced lead Generation service”

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Alex Cartagena

VP of sales


“It was the custom approach to our data needs that really set demandDrive apart. They are consistently one of our top-performing lead channels”

christina lyle

Christina Lyle

Integrated Demand Gen Lead




"demandDrive is our secret weapon. Their telequalification program makes a big impact. More importantly, it has significantly improved our ROI. We traded our content syndication spend to a much healthier price point and more traction on a per lead basis."

mike kim

Mike Kim

VP, Americas Marketing


“demandDrive has been a true sales partner. They deliver results and are an integral component of our sales organization.”

bonnie brady-lucia

Bonnie Brady Lucia

VP of Marketing

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