One Drop

Building a B2B Outbound Motion From the Ground Up

Who is One Drop?

One Drop is a precision health company combining continuous diagnostics, predictive analytics, and machine learning in an award-winning digital solution to deliver cost-saving outcomes for people living with diabetes and other chronic conditions. The goal: empower everyone to take proactive action for better health, peak performance, and more fulfilling lives.


Originally a B2C company offering a consumer app for chronic diabetes condition management, One Drop had its eyes set on moving into the B2B space. Their goal was to position One Drop as a health benefit that companies could include in their employee benefits packages.

The challenge lay in building and understanding their B2B target market from the ground up, developing an outbound motion, and scaling those efforts.


To address One Drop’s specific challenges, we devised a comprehensive strategy aimed at building and scaling their B2B business. The focus of our program was two-fold: to generate sales leads for the One Drop team and to provide insights and understanding of their B2B target market.

We initiated the partnership with one assigned Sales Development Representative (SDR) and, after acknowledging their growing needs and early success, scaled the team to three SDRs at the 12-month mark. That number would reach up to five during their busiest months.

Project Scope:

  • A program plan and protocol to help One Drop build and optimize its B2B ICP, establish a repeatable outbound motion, and report on program results.
  • dD Certified Sales Development Reps (SDRs) to execute prospecting efforts alongside the One Drop marketing team
  • A comprehensive management layer to plan, analyze, and compile reports on the program’s progress and help chart a path forward into the B2B space.

Program Results

In the ~2 years that One Drop was a demandDrive client, we were able to quickly build and scale the B2B side of their business. 

On average, the One Drop team was able to produce 4-6 cold outbound meetings per month per rep. That initial success pushed One Drop to expand its relationship with demandDrive and scale the team to 3, then 5 SDRs. And during periods of downtime (notorious in the health benefits space), they were able to scale that team back. That flexibility was key in making sure the program remained successful during both the up and down months.

In addition to finding B2B opportunities, the team was able to help One Drop develop strategic broker relationships at both the regional and national levels, further expanding their market reach and presence.

Finally, as One Drop was ready to move their outbound B2B motion in-house, they transitioned one of the reps assigned to their program to a full-time role within One Drop. Bringing that institutional knowledge and product familiarity in-house was crucial to their continued success. 

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