Data Enrichment

Clean Existing Data and Update Target Accounts with B2B Data Enrichment Services

Most companies are sitting on top of an untapped gold mine of information. Your CRM, however messy it might be, is full of useful information for your sales team.

The difficult part is sifting through it all to find what’s still relevant and updating whatever isn’t.

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Enter: Data Enrichment

Skip the pricey purchase of a new list and let our CRM Data Enrichment services comb through your existing data to find top-tier target accounts (based on pre-set expectations). Step one of enriching your CRM data is cleaning those accounts and contacts to make sure your team can reach out hassle-free. Our proprietary data tools allow us to verify email addresses and append LinkedIn information, giving your reps the data they need to start having meaningful conversations.

A byproduct of cleaning your database with our B2B data enrichment services is that it will also uncover former customers who have moved to new companies – change agents, as we call them. These contacts will be added into your database during the process, giving your reps a new target account at no effort on their end.

And with CRM data enrichment services, it’s not just fresh contact info we’re adding to your database. We also gather intent data intelligence on your old contacts wherever it’s available. So, not only is your enriched dataset full of clean data, it’s prioritized too.

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Save Money

Purchasing a new list will always cost more than enriching your existing database. 

CRM Data Enrichment is also more sustainable and less resource-heavy, decreasing your cost per lead while keeping your database clean.

Mitigate Data Decay

Purchased lists are never 100% accurate - they have bad data built-in. Why pay for low-quality data when you can spend a fraction of the price on B2B data enrichment services to update what you already have?

Think about it this way: According to Hubspot, your database will decay by about 22.5% each year - that means nearly 1/4 of your entire database is useless without a data enrichment process. Don't let those leads go to waste!

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server reputation

Ensure Server Reputation

Accurate data keeps your server reputation intact and lowers your chances of getting blacklisted. In turn, this minimizes your soft bounces and improves deliverability - on average you'll see 90+% accuracy across all campaigns.

Cross-Dept Benefits

Enriched data is beneficial for all departments of your business. Marketing has an actionable database to hit with content, sales has fresh accounts with accurate data to call, and customers don't have to sit through your rehashed "bad data" explanation. 

That's a win-win-win.

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assocciated contact info

Associated Contact Information

If your organization has any kind of freemium offering it probably means your database is bogged down by personal emails. The @gmail, @yahoo, & @hotmails of the world. But these addresses can still belong to ideal leads. 

Our proprietary data tools allow us to find the business contact behind those personal addresses with our CRM Data Enrichment services, giving you a brand new batch of warm leads to action with greater success than before.

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