Growth Guiders: The Pipeline Show

In the spirit of alignment and growth, we grab 3 GTM leaders to talk about how they can work together to solve some of the common challenges facing B2B revenue orgs.

Sales, Marketing, and CS Leaders Work Together to Fix Your Pipeline Woes

In the first installment of Growth Guiders, your host AJ Alonzo will introduce a top-of-the-line panel of GTM experts who will tackle some of the toughest problems B2B companies face today. Challenges like:

😫 Total demos booked are down by 75% this month

😫 Our biggest client left for a competitor

😫 Our top 5 reps just quit

It gets tougher, more complex, and more important for our panel of experts from Sales, Marketing, and CS, to work together to find solutions to these problems.

Join us as we put the best in the business through their paces.

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  • What Is 'Growth Guiders?'

    Growth Guiders is a series of webinars focused on alignment, transparency, and shared victory. In each episode, we’ll grab 3 GTM leaders and introduce a challenge or scenario that revenue leaders face regularly. They’ll work together to deliver tactical advice on how they would solve it – both as an individual and as part of a team.

  • Is This Live?

    Nope! This is a pre-recorded event. Register with the button above and access it anytime after it airs on December 14th.

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    Happy to help! Feel free to email our marketing team directly, and we’ll get back to you.


AJ Alonzo headshot

AJ Alonzo - Host

Marketing @ demandDrive

Tom Slocum headshot

Tom Slocum - Sales Expert

Founder & CEO @ The SD Lab

Darryl Praill headshot

Darryl Praill - Marketing Expert

CMO @ Agorapulse

Matt Toy headshot

Matt Toy - CS Expert

VP, Client Services @ York IE

What You’ll Learn

Revenue Leaders will come out of this session with some tactical advice on how to address pressing pipeline issues and collaborate with their peers on other teams in proactive and constructive ways.