9 MUST ATTEND Growth Month Sessions

May 19, 2022

Our Favorite Growth Month Sessions


June is looking like it’ll be a great month. Why, you ask?

Because June is Growth Month! The good people at Autoklose have invited us to talk about something we pride ourselves on – recruiting & building a high-performing SDR team.

And we’re not the only speakers.

40+ experts will cover topics ranging from cold email best practices to social selling tips to creative campaign creation. Imagine what you could learn from the likes of Jeff Bajorek, Brynne Tillman, or Thibault Souyris?

Every business day, throughout June, you’ll get a chance to attend two sessions – one on sales and another on startup strategy.

We’ve highlighted the 9 sessions below that we’re the most excited to watch. Whether you’re an SDR, manage SDRs, or run the whole sales function, there’s something for you!

See you there?

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Sessions on Cold Calling

📊 What’s Working With Cold Calling Right Now

Richard Smith @ Refract & Ollie Whitfield @ VanillaSoft

Ugh, cold calling. It’s something most (if not all) salespeople dread. And the jury is out as to whether or not it’s “dead.”

So why even bother?

To be frank, we bother because it still works. It’s a major part of our outbound strategy, we utilize it in 99.99% of our client engagements, and we see success with it every day.

And we bet Richard Smith of Refract would agree with us.

His Growth Month session is all about what’s working in cold calling today. Not the stuff that used to work 3 years (or months) ago. We’re talking about what reps are doing right now to book meetings and build pipeline.

More cold calling tips below:

SDR Symposium: Cold Calling Best Practices

Podcast: Cold Calling Advice w/ Aaron Browning

💪 Cold Calling: From Cautious to Confident

Jason Bay @ Blissful Prospecting

Cold call reluctance is no joke. Telling your reps to just get over it doesn’t do the trick – you have to properly communicate just how important the phone is. Otherwise, that fear of cold calling will grow and grow until it becomes too much to overcome.

A big component of that is confidence. Nobody wants to pick up the phone and dial a stranger if they aren’t confident in their message, their product, or themselves.

That confidence isn’t something reps have or don’t, it’s something you can build over time.

Jason Bay’s Growth Month session covers his cold calling framework. It helps reps build up the confidence they need and get them excited to hop on the phone – not dread it.

Looking for more tips on building confidence in your reps? Check these out:

SDR Symposium: Building Confidence

Blog: Building your Sales Development Puzzle

Check out our Growth Month Opt In for tips on how to prioritize your long term career goals while still growing and succeeding in the SDR role!

Sessions on Cold Email

🎓 A Cold Email Masterclass

Sam McKenna, Founder @ SamSales Consulting

Bonnie and Clyde. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Cold Calling & Cold Email.

Some things just go together. And if you want to succeed as an SDR, you had better be leveraging email as one of your outreach channels.

A well-crafted email can grab your prospect’s attention, build up trust & authority, and deliver a killer value proposition.

Or it could be a bland pitch with 3 bullet points and reference companies that are irrelevant to your prospect.

Email is a double-edged sword, and no one swings it better than Sam McKenna.

Her Growth Month session will be a masterclass on crafting compelling emails. Learn how to capture attention, engage prospects, and speed up the closing process.

A lot more cold email insight and advice:

Podcast: Cold Email Best Practices w/ Ollie Whitfield

SDR Symposium: Cold Email Best Practices

🔍 Breaking Down Cold Email Cadences: Go From Good To Great

Will Allred @ Lavender & Ollie Whitfield @ VanillaSoft

A good email cadence is the backbone of many an SDR team.

But like anything “tried and true,” even the best cadences need an update now and again.

What worked months ago might not land today. Your colleague’s “killer” cadence might not resonate with your audience. You can’t “perfect” the amount of personalization or value props.

Will Allred has seen it all. For his Growth Month session, he’s teaming up with Ollie to cover what reps get wrong in their cadence creation.

They’ll break down the good, the bad, and the ugly to give you insight into what works and why.

(hint: it’s not those “were you eaten by an alligator?” break up emails)

Is breaking down cold emails your thing? Check this out:

We helped produce SDRescue, a show that breaks down cold emails & teaches reps some foundational copywriting skills.

Sessions on Social Selling

🎥 How to Use Scrappy DIY Videos to Grow Your Pipeline

Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing @ Vidyard

Do you use video in your sales cadence? I bet. It’s so hot right now.

Video gives SDRs a chance to flex some creative muscles, personalize their message, and stand out in their prospect’s inboxes.

And now there are a plethora of tools to help you do that. Vidayrd, BombBomb, Loom, Drift…they’re all built to help you build up the familiarity, warmth, and trust needed to guide prospects down your funnel.

Sounds great, right? But where do you start? You can’t just hit record and magically generate more leads.

Tune in to Tyler Lessard’s Growth Month session on using scrappy DIY videos to grow your pipeline.

He’s a master at breaking down a daunting task like video prospecting into digestible insights and showing you where it can have the most impact on your pipeline.

Check out some of the other video prospecting content we’ve helped create:

SDRevolution Blog: The Rise of Video & Sales Development

Podcast: Video Prospecting w/ Greg Cammarata

🤫 Secrets of 7-Figure Social Sellers: How Deals Are Won

Alex Boyd, CEO @ RevenueZen

SDRs who can adopt social selling as part of their outreach are succeeding faster than SDRs who rely solely on traditional forms of outreach.


The buying process has changed. Prospective buyers expect to be nurtured down the funnel through storytelling, consultative selling, and social interaction. Plus, they want to buy from people they like.

Social selling is a great way to do all of that, and Alex Boyd has mastered the art.

Tune into his Growth Month session to learn about how you can track down those elusive 7-figure deals with the power of social selling.

Looking for more social selling content? We got you covered:

E-Course: Social Selling for SDRs

Opt In: Keeping Prospects Warm

Sessions on Leadership

🧭 Leading Your First Sales Team

Matt Reuter, Sr. Director of Sales Development @ Real Page

There is no shortage of advice for first-time sales leaders. And for good reason – you hold a large and crucial piece of your revenue puzzle.

It can be overwhelming. Do you focus on data & metrics, or do you try to connect on a more personal level with your reps? How do you manage their time and yours? Who can you ally with internally to make everyone’s job easier?

Matt Reuter has the experience & insight to shed some light on the situation. His Growth Month session is for all of you first-time or soon-to-be first-time sales leaders.

He’ll cover his own journey, what worked for him, and how you can learn from his experience.

More management & leadership tips:

SDRevolution Course: Outbound Sales Development – Prospecting & Cold Messaging Techniques

Webinar: Focus on the Future – A Look at Modern SDR Management

🌱 How to Apply Coaching to Your Sales Process

Tim Hagen, President @ Progress Coaching

Coaching? Who has time to do that when you’re trying to balance running demos and closing deals?

That’s the wrong mentality to have. A continuous coaching & development program can work wonders for your organization.

Think of it like this – if managers are tasked with making the sales engine work, coaches are tasked with making the engine more efficient.

How much faster can it go? Where can you tighten up inefficiencies? What parts do you need to ensure it keeps running?

It might be daunting, but it’s worthwhile. And Tim Hagen’s session is all about helping you find the right coaching routine for your organization.

More dD content on coaching coming soon!

Podcast: How Coaching can Unlock your SDRs Potential w/ Davidson Hang

Opt In: Coaching vs. Managing

The Best for Last…

🤝 Hiring SDRs Who Will Crush It: Your Guide

AJ Alonzo & Sean Harrison, demandDrive

Ok, we’re a little biased here 😅

But we have a lot to share on the topic of hiring top-performing SDRs.

Because we know hiring is hard – we’re constantly bringing in new reps. And it’s especially important when it comes to the SDR role. This is someone who will represent your company & brand to potential customers.

You can’t afford to get it wrong.

Sean and AJ will dive into their “secret sauce” for recruiting SDRs that end up becoming top-performers.

They’ll talk about the big buyer-centric industry shift, what that means for the qualities you look for in a candidate, and how you can support hiring efforts with a comprehensive training & onboarding system.

Get a sneak peek at what we’ll be covering to the right!

eBook: Aligning SDR Hiring Practices with Modern Buyers

Those are just 9 out of the 43 total sessions happening. Get more event info & the schedule by clicking the link below! See you there 😁

aj alonzo

AJ Alonzo is the Head of Marketing at demandDrive. A former SDR turned marketing leader, he's made it his goal to develop resources for sales reps who are looking to level up and for managers who are looking for guidance. Outside of work you can find him trying to shoot under par at his local disc golf course, sipping on a bourbon on the rocks, or continuing his quest to be the very best like no one ever was.
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